Next 1.4

November 10, 2022 - @shadcn

One of the most requested features of Next.js for Drupal has been GraphQL support.

When we started working on Next.js for Drupal, GraphQL for Drupal was in between releases. We started looking into supporting GraphQL but version 4 shipped without schema definitions and onboarding took some learning.

We've been following the work done by the GraphQL team closely. A few months ago, jmolivas announced GraphQL Compose, a GraphQL spec compliant schema generation for the GraphQL module v4.x.

This is exactly what we've been waiting for.

Today, we are announcing next 1.4 with support for GraphQL using GraphQL Compose.

composer require 'drupal/next:^1.4' 'drupal/graphql:^4.4' 'drupal/graphql_compose:^1.0@beta'

All the features of Next.js, including Preview Mode, work out of the box.

GraphQL Starter

We built a new Next.js starter for GraphQL. Check it out:

npx create-next-app -e

Getting Started

The Quick Start section now includes guides for configuring GraphQL for Next.js. You can see the guide here.