Drupal Client

A powerful JSON:API client for Drupal.

The DrupalClient is a powerful JSON:API client that ships with helpers for working with Drupal data.

You can use the DrupalClient to fetch JSON:API data from Drupal to build static pages.

It also comes with full support for JSON:API write operations which means you can create JSON:API resources from Next.js to Drupal.


  1. Customizable JSON:API client for data fetching.
  2. Helpers for fetching resources, menus, views and search indices.
  3. Helpers for JSON:API write operations (POST, PATCH, and DELETE)
  4. Support for custom auth (Bearer, Basic, Next-Auth or bring your own).
  5. Support for custom serializers.
  6. Support for custom fetcher.
  7. Support for cached resources (memory cache, redis...etc).
  8. Human-readable error messages.


import { DrupalClient } from "next-drupal"
// Create a new DrupalClient.
const drupal = new DrupalClient("https://example.com")
// Fetch articles.
const articles = await drupal.getResourceCollection("node--article")
// Fetch one article by id.
const article = await drupal.getResource(