Next-Drupal 1.5 and Next 1.3

September 07, 2022 - @shadcn

In this release of Next 1.3, the Drupal module, and Next-Drupal 1.5, we're introducing Preview URL Generators.

Preview URL Generators

Preview URL Generators are used for generating URLs for preview mode with encrypted secrets.

Compared to the preview secrets used in previous releases, the new secrets are:

  • Generated per requests
  • Encrypted and not re-usabled
  • Scoped to the current URL and user
  • With expiration dates
  • Validated by Drupal (no client validation)
  • Pluggable (bring your own secret generator)

Upgrading to Next 1.3 is easy. See the upgrade guide here.

Note: You should also upgrade to the latest next-drupal to use the new encrypted secrets.

JSON Web Tokens

We are also introducing a new module, Next.js JWT, for using JSON Web Tokens for authentication.

Next.js JWT ships with a Preview URL generator that enables user-level access control for more granularity.

Next.js JWT ships as experimental in Next 1.3.

Thank You

Thanks Lauri for helping with this release. 🥳