Next-Drupal 1.6

December 06, 2022 - @shadcn

Today's release is a big one. We are announcing support for Next.js 13 and Drupal 10.

We also rewrote the implementation for on-demand revalidation. The Drupal module now ships with stable on-demand revalidation built on top of Drupal events API and plugin system.

We are approaching 3000+ downloads per week. Thanks everyone. 🎉

Next.js 13

We have updated next-drupal and the (JSON:API and GraphQL) starters to Next.js 13.

You can now safely update your site and start implementing new Next.js 13 features such as the new <Image /> and <Link /> components, add @next/font...etc.

yarn add next-drupal@latest

Drupal 10

The next module has been updated to Drupal 10. We've removed all deprecated code and APIs.

Note: This also means, as of 1.6.0, we are stopping Drupal 8 support. You can upgrade your site to Drupal 9.3+ or Drupal 10 when it's released.

On-demand Revalidation

The implementation for On-demand Revalidation has been completely rewritten in 1.6.0 and is now stable.

On-demand Revalidation is now built on top of Drupal's Events API and Revalidator plugins.

You can provide your own Revalidator plugins to execute custom code when an entity is inserted, updated or deleted.

namespace Drupal\custom_module\Plugin\Next\Revalidator;
use Drupal\next\Event\EntityActionEvent;
use Drupal\next\Plugin\RevalidatorBase;
 * Provides a custom revalidator.
 * @Revalidator(
 *  id = "custom",
 *  label = "Custom Revalidator",
 *  description = "Description for the custom revalidator"
 * )
class CustomRevalidator extends RevalidatorBase {
   * {@inheritdoc}
  public function revalidate(EntityActionEvent $event): bool {
    // Called when entity is created, updated or deleted.

See the docs for Revalidator plugins.

Entity Events

We have also added entity events so you can build your own event subscribers for when an entity is inserted, updated or updated.

You can also use event subscribers to execute code post revalidation.

namespace Drupal\next_tests\EventSubscriber;
use Drupal\next\Event\EntityEvents;
use Drupal\next\Event\EntityRevalidatedEventInterface;
use Symfony\Component\EventDispatcher\EventSubscriberInterface;
 * Defines an event subscriber for entity revalidated events.
class EventSubscriber implements EventSubscriberInterface {
   * {@inheritdoc}
  public static function getSubscribedEvents() {
    $events[EntityEvents::ENTITY_REVALIDATED] = ['onRevalidated'];
    return $events;
   * Responds to entity revalidated.
   * @param \Drupal\next\Event\EntityRevalidatedEventInterface $event
   *   The event.
  public function onRevalidated(EntityRevalidatedEventInterface $event) {
    if ($event->isRevalidated()) {
     // Do something if entity has been successfully revalidated.

Version Matching

As of 1.6.0, we are going to match minor versions for next-drupal and next module.

Bumping a minor in next-drupal will bump same in next module.

Note: To match minor for next-drupal 1.6.0, we are skipping next 1.5.0.


You can upgrade to 1.6.0 by following our upgrade guide here.